In this course you will find the materials for 'Astronomy through Space and time'.
This course contains the material covered at the GTTP/ESA Teacher Training workshop on 23rd - 27th November 2015.
This course contains all the material covered in the teacher CPD event at Ulster University on 26th March 2015.
This workshop is aimed at enabling teachers to gain a greater understanding of Astronomy and Space and inspire students in this fascinating topic. This link contains all the information covered during the training workshops at USW on 21st March 2014 and in Llandudno on 11th April 2014.
Welcome to the 'Discover the Cosmos' training workshop! In here you will find all the training materials which we use during the day.
This course allows guest users to enter  
This course contains all the material required for the UNOOSA Training workshop in Bangladesh.
Here is the information/links to files and software for the 'Faulkes Telescope Project - Introduction to robotic telescopes' teacher training workshop.