This section contains factsheets which you can print out for use in the classroom

A worksheet by Christine Cleave (Derby High School) that details a cross-curricular activity based around the idea of spirals being in our everyday lives.

The link to the Faulkes Telescope Project is the JPEG Viewer that can be downloaded from here. It allows you to measure the spiral arms of galaxies (in fact spirals on any object).

The following worksheets contain physics questions that are themed around the Faulkes Telescopes (FTs). In other words, the questions are about the physics aspects of the FTs. You would possibly find these questions useful for revision at Key Stage 4 and as a slightly more involved and interesting alternative to some standard type of physics questions that may have no obvious link to something students are familiar with. Used alongside your telescope time these questions could be a valuable resource to teaching and revising some important aspects of physics.